Motor is a leftfield electronic and psychedelia infused techno imprint from Seattle, Washington with an emphasis on vertical sounds, analogue experimentation and improvisatory hardware-based performance. Formed by a collective of Pacific Northwest artists, Motor is headed by Samuel Melancon (Debacle Records), Andrew T Lench (DJ Slow), Jayson Kochan (Airport), Jonathan James Carr (Patternmaster), and Timm Mason (Mood Organ). Motor specialises in experimental techno, found sound, field recordings, noise, and electronics, with their regular Motor club night providing the perfect framework and platform upon which to test the brutal industrial work of Pete Swanson to the hard-hitting techno of Airport. For the uninitiated, any inaugural listen to a Motor release should expect a coherent malaise of styles that echo bygone krautrock-infused electronic tracks, propulsive beats and tightly wound electro jams that venture down darker and irreverant terrain. This off-shoot of Seattle’s Debacle Records commendably resides on an inclusive ethos whereby visiting artists are invited to contribute to a developing scene and be an essential part of the intrinsic momentum provided under the Motor collective.