Opal Tapes

Opal Tapes has grown from its 2012 inception into a renowned outpost for absorbing intelligently made electronic music. The ballast of Opal Tapes’ output occupies an uneasy grey area between the well walked tropes of techno and house. None of the artists here truly share the former’s stern, machine-like pulse, while the music is often too bleak and introverted to replicate the jubilant bounce of the latter. This grey area is coloured through the hyper-kinetic percussions of Metrist, Yves de Mey’s widescreen extra-dimensional sound design, the decaying nostalgia of 1991 and through the kosmiche techno of Karen Gwyer to name only a few. Independently operated by Stephen Bishop (who records as Basic House), the label continues to move forward with a no-boundary philisophy to experimentation in sound.