rRoxymore - Thoughts Of An Introvert

The new EP by rRoxymore signals another audacious step forward for one of the most daring female artists in the electronic music diaspora. ‘Thoughts Of An Introvert Part 1’ is born out of introspection, out of necessity to disconnect from the frenzy of crowds and to create a soundtrack to an inner landscape which exists beyond the reach of government and dogma. In the words of the artist, “it is a sonic diary of sorts, cataloguing the events of a world which has not yet been invented, in the form of three mesmerizing tracks free of nostalgia and the expectations of style.” The spatial afro futurist funk of `Prodrome' finds rRoxymore balancing darkness and optimism as only she can. The title track, `Thoughts Of An Introvert' is instantly familiar and carries a soothing utopian spirit, so needed today. `Mycetozoa', the closing track is a celebration of rRoxymore’s complex musical mind, melancholic, happy, vulnerable, and full of hope.