ASC is a producer/electronic composer who’s aesthetic emerged from the "Autonomic" sound, for the un-initiated this intelligent bass-driven format, disaggregates what is perceivable within the formulaic 170BPM spectrum and was pioneered by Instra:mental and dBridge. James Clements offering in his ASC guise “Nothing Is Certain” captured the movement and has been labelled "mature music of the highest calibre" by Resident Advisors Max Bacharach, an accolade that sets a precedence but is quickly placed in context by the Sundance accredited scores and ambient works that follow. Clements recent cinematic explorations include Bottom Of The World, The Blackout Experiments & Yesterday Last Year. Inspirations are varied and disparately eclectic as one would expect, in interview quoting Sandwell District, Ulrich Schnauss, Future Sound Of London, Brock Van Wey, yet from a sound design perspective, the protagonists Clint Mansell, Brian Eno and Cliff Martinez are cited for their emotive compositions. Recent releases on experimental labels Auxiliary, Samurai and Silent Season confirm that Clements compositions deliberately exploit genre-imposed lines, rather than conform to them. A firm believer in ASC’s catalogue is RA's Andrew Ryce who speaks eloquently on James’ productions “Clements takes to ambient naturally, mixing field recordings, synthesis and Stars Of The Lid-style melodies, he creates detailed ecosystems of sound. Half organic and half synthetic, his approach is classic in spirit yet modern in execution”. A signature dynamism that has helped secure his first gaming adaptation in "Near Death" (forthcoming 2016). In terms of the ASC dynamic, his compositions are invariably an intoxicating tapestry that encourage neural escapism, navigation of the sub-conscious mind and exploration of translucent altered states. Tracks favour space, geometric precision and dynamics instead of loudness, haunting downtempo interludes reveal a perfected misty formula with atmospheric nods toward a ground breaking genre non too distant from Autechre and Arovane.