Beneath’s corrosive sound has matured into an acoustic that is instantly recognisable yet hard to pin down, gaining critical acclaim for its unapologetic dynamism and unpredictability. It’s this intelligent approach to composition that has resulted in Ben circumnavigating the more forward thinking institutions and being programmed with the ICA, Unsound and CTM. Whilst simultaneously running his own No Symbols & Mistry recording imprints, Ben communicates his curational desire through supporting emerging talent, noting that 50% of releases to date have featured debuting artists. Citing influences as diverse as Shackleton & David Lynch; Ben Walker skillfully navigates the well-trodden greyish aesthetic favoured by his peers and instead opts rather strategically for a bolder palate of menacing and infectious tones. This isn’t a brutish approach to composition though quite the opposite, these are the audible experimentations of a sound design scholar exploring sonic boundaries and unafraid of opposing generic tides. For the un-initiated a coveted Beneath release served up by Ossia’s Hotline Recordings imprint or Bill Kouligas’s label PAN, is likely to question your initial beliefs, aggressive swathes of rasping synth, followed cereptitously by brutalist low end jabs do more to disorientate than motivate the musco-skeletal system. However further listening reveals complete immersion via pin-sharp clarity, the application of layered ambi-sonics is apparent through sounds encroaching from extreme peripheral angles, grandiose dramatics are achieved through a spatial understanding of texture, velocity and momentum. As Ben eloquently describes this is "awkward self-indulgent sound design by me, for me” - we couldn’t agree more, we’ve got every confidence the deterministic swagger and approach will capture the hearts and minds of purveyors of more futuristic moving image.