Big Cues

Imagery by Till Schmitz

Sean Pineiro is signed to us exclusively, lives in Berlin, one of our core composers and phenomenal at spiky, mechanical, industrial, unnerving sound design.

We look after Snow Ghosts and their label Houndstooth, ethereal haunting female lead, quite scuzzy and post-apocalyptic, this was used in X:Men Apocalypse

Everyone knows Seb (Vessel) for his track "Red Sex" on The Handmaiden, he joins us fully this month before the release of his next album in September, this is stunning.

Dark, Nine Inch Nails sound very scuzzy with a strong rhythmic pull, we rep DSCRD and their label, great team always up for working on bespoke material.

Another gem from snow ghosts, their main producer (Ross Tones) used to work for Dewolfe hence he's got a great intuition on what works for film and trailers.

Love Aïsha, she has tibetan origins which come across in her material as this huge shamanic tribal pressure wave, huge for anything remotely jungle, aztec, tribally biased.

Huge sound, currently supporting the likes of Bonobo, Max Cooper on tour, powerful dark grungy sounds, uses analog distortion methods as part of his process, gritty.

Colossal epic build, rich textures, strong undertone of revolution, rise, struggle with adversity, oppression that would pair well with a superhero type backstory. 

Ok heres my curve ball, I pitch this out a lot, but I don't think people get it? Personally think its a solid track and the ending is perfect, which for me is paramount.

Not so huge, more psychologically twisted and unnerving, very brooding and guttural this one, one of our core composers and classically trained, huge talent.