Breaking Wave

Possibly a little bit ambient/slow this, tonally i think it captures the direction, waves of emotion, field recordings give it an organic accessibility, long sweeps conveying journeys, challenges etc.

By far my favourite, from the off it builds up a ball of emotion and intensity, full of futurism, humanity, challenge, adversity, very inspirational piece of music, bags of integrity, great name too.

Bit moody to start but comes into its own around the 00:40 mark, conveys the sheer enormity of the challenges ahead, biblical scale changes in the banking sector, passion, drive, determination, focus

Listen from 03:29, Rob has this ability of capturing other worldly atmospheres, transportive, huge sweeps, waves of emotion and a beautiful melodic element that echoes humanity and innovation  

Quite pensive this, would allow space for VO if you wanted to head in that direction, quite a safe option, nice melodic part around the 02:00 mark onwards that has a touch of futurism about it,

Bit of a curve ball here, ignore the metronomic tick as its distracting but from 01:51 this has real energy to it, drive, determination, drum structure would really carry a fast paced spot conveying activity

Played this at our meeting, still a real stand-out track, has inherent warmth to it, which is hard to get in such a digital arpeggiated track, think it conveys pretty much everything we are looking for here

Tonally not too far from Avalons track, provides real intrigue and engagement from the off, conveys packets of data, code, algorithms, nice rise in intensity throughout the track, beats to be removed

Mechanical loop conveys industry, work, labour etc with undertones of digital and seismic change, heavier sound design would need removing, nice motifs around 01:50 that could be developed 

Little bit fractured at the start so we would need to make that flow better, also ignore heavier kick drums, goes stratospheric from about 01:50 extremely beautiful & emotional crescendo to finish

Bi-polar in arrangement, would accommodate multiple thematic segments, inspirational and transportive, plenty of momentum to carry the spot along, contains a huge IDENT too which is a bonus.