Hieroglyphic Being

Hieroglyphic Being is an experimental Composer & Sound Artist born in Chicago, whose musical works & creations are inspired by Afro-Futurist concepts. Having recorded for a variety of labels including Sony, Ghostly, Axis, 6277, Spectral, Creme, PlayHouse, Klang Elektronik and Mathematics Recordings, Jamal Moss has long been a part of the Chicago scene as both a Promoter/Producer and DJ. Moss’s first creative endeavours were as part of a crew that created industrial soundscapes and art noise for the Liquid Love parties at the famed Powerplant in Chicago from 89-90. When the Powerplant was closed, Moss and his cohorts started Liquid Sex, which became a magnet for many well-known house artists such as Steve Poindexter, who put Moss in touch with future collaborators the Chicago Bad Boys collective. US House Adonis, became a key mentor figure in Moss’s life and an inspiration for his moniker: "I decided to give myself meaning and purpose, to honor my father (who gave me life) and my mentor Adonis (who gave me knowledge); I named myself Hieroglyphic Being and became one of the last producers directly influenced by Ron Hardy (Music Box), and therefore uniquely qualified to write a new chapter of Chicago's rich musical history.