Príncipe Discos

Príncipe is a recording label based in Lisbon, Portugal, that bears a raw, unashamedly gritty aesthetic with an underpinning collaborative ethos. Príncipe's dedication resides in supporting the lusophone diaspora by releasing and campaigning a stance on the street-infused formations of unfiltered dance music; including found sounds, new forms and complex structures with their embedded poetics and cultural identity. Príncipe’s mission and founding vision being to ensure that the compositions being produced in Lisbon, be it techno, kuduro, batida, kizomba, funaná, tarrachinha or any other new aesthetic development, will not remain unheard externally. The aesthetic and overall presence bearing hues of Picasso is equally captivating with all artwork being conceived and executed by Márcio Matos. A uniqueness is hand-applied via stencilling to each individual vinyl copy with all sound mastering by Tó Pinheiro da Silva, veteran Portuguese engineer, at his home studio. Príncipe has recently captured the hearts and minds of established outlets including Crack, The GuardianFACT Magazine and RA.