Showcase - DEMENT3D

Our next showcase zeroes-in on one of France’s seminal labels with a musical lineage rooted in the fabrication of epic drone-laden soundscapes, field recording based experimentation and post-punk infused noise. Home to the likes of Francois X, DSCRD, Polar Inertia, Ligovskoï, In Aeternam Vale, Voiski, Antigone, Peder Mannerfelt and Abdulla Rashim, the label continues to break boundaries producing recordings of epic proportions fit for anamorphic content. Expertly curated by label heads HBT and François X, recordings exude an almost bi-polar nature either condemned to a gritty subterranean context or gravitationally heightened to evoke the most breathtaking of landscapes. Linking everything though is an innate sense of narrative and unparalleled sound-design fulled by improv sessions and live collaboration.