Showcase - NAAFI

Founded in 2010 by Tomás Davó and Alberto Bustamante, N.A.A.F.I exudes an incredibly strong sense of punk-influenced identity in everything that its patriarchs produce and represent. Whilst a cosmopolitan Mexican uprising has been looking externally for contemporary influences, Davó and crew have been cultivating a more realistic and raw aesthetic that is undeniably Mexicano and implies a cultural confidence that offers a welcome antidote to the prospect of malinchista. Formed from a chance collegiate meeting, N.A.A.F.I has firmly rooted itself as one of the most left-wing and intriguing labels in underground electronic music, garnering support from the likes of FaderDummyLA Times and Vice. The intrinsic guerrilla sound of N.A.A.F.I is obtusely defiant of EDM culture and places an overwhelming emphasis on the embracing of mexicanidad including seductive mutations of Tribal, Reggaeton, Grime, Kuduro and Latin Breaks. In all there's a refreshing music policy and one that envelopes a panoply of dynamic and unrestricted influences. The label's sound (recently used to great effect by Smirnoff) maintains an infectious energy, taking roots from Mayan deconstructed rhythms and exuding a riotous, apocalyptic ambience.