Cast your mind back, can you remember a glorious sepia-infused era where people communicated, I mean really communicated; pre-email, pre-rolodex, pre-Alexander Graham Bell. Relationships implied a tactile level of care, that warming glint in the eye and robust handshake gave confidence, lasting friendships were created through belief in abilities and above all trust. 

Life itself had an enigmatic soundtrack back then, it wasn't focused on ambient soundscapes & ethereal compositions, nor was it focused on granular synthesis, field recordings and found sound. The music whether plucked or sung, Gaelic or African, was a cohesive force; it enhanced indigenous culture, amalgamated workers and set life free. It wasn't commercialised, genre focused or fuelled by popular culture, there was a gritty and very real sonic palette, driven by experiences, challenging environments and human emotion. 

Syncsmith was hand-forged in this industrial epoch, a steam-driven time when master craftsmen and the Brunels of this world were passionate about their craft and through hard work, galvanised a revolution. The carbon stained, mechanically scarred hands of the "smith" signified years of lament and discretely withheld layers of precision defining a certified Master in his chosen art and essentially a tailored end product. Above all, these artificers were genuine folk, great listeners and influencers of society who advised and guided, refusing self-gratifying adornment as helping others and making a difference was always more significant.

These values shaped and continue to fuel the very arteries of Syncsmith, whilst futuristic in content we are passionate about traditional delivery, we're here to help; to ease your audio acquisition process, to provide you with the finest avant-garde electronica for your projects and to give unparalleled access to ground breaking labels and artists...