Rob Clouth

Barcelona-based, new media and computational sonics expert Rob Clouth has released music under his given name and the alias Vaetxh on labels such as Mesh, Leisure System and Traum Schallplatten. After his initial entrance into the experimental scene with expertly-crafted and innovative IDM, Clouth’s macro-level synthesis experimentations and exploratory aesthetic were met with a hugely positive response, with mainstream media drawing parallels to Autechre, Jon Hopkins and Max Cooper. Infusing his previous IDM works with the aesthetics of more classical forms, he created an intricate, emotive and delicate sound which simultaneously conjures inter-galactic and outer-body excursions. Rob has an innate ability to convey a journey balancing kinetic aural pleasure within extra-ordinary spacious sound design, with peers often commenting on Rob’s storytelling capacity and ability to transmit raw emotional detail through complex and forensically detailed structures. After collaborating together on various projects, Max Cooper invited Clouth to release the Transition EP in early 2018 on his new label Mesh. The EP was well received, and was featured by several prominent magazines and radio stations including BBC Radio 4. In addition to Clouth’s musical output, he’s also an audio/visual architect, recent work sees Rob experimenting with digitally painted waveforms, augmented reality instruments and interactive AV experiences. Demonstrating this facet of his creative output, late 2014 saw collaborations with Kyle McDonald on the delicate installation Light Leaksthat, exhibited in La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, and with Berlin-based production house Polynoid on a video that was picked up by The Creator's Project. He has also built interactive audio environments for the National Science Museum in Madrid, and for Mira festival in Barcelona.