Gqom Oh!

Gqom Oh! is a record label and entire movement set up to mitigate a complex history and provide a sense of escapism for the Durban townships. Spreading a consistent and powerful message the label provides a conduit and a pedestal for the joyous aesthetic to be experienced outside of the South African continent. In terms of vision, label head and pioneer - Nan Kole has collated a lexicon of primal and tribalistic styles selecting only the most innovative flows to be an intrinsic part of his curatorial pallet. A coarse blend of infectious carnal pop culture paired with a DIY ethos ensures a continuous and inexhaustible supply chain of ghetto infused time-bombs which are creating huge ripples across the atlantic with outlets such as Rolling Stone, Fader and Pitchfork launching acclaim. Known for its maritime sucrose trade the output here is anything but sickly sweet instead opting for a futuristic, post-apocalyptic soundscape that only serves to amplify the unbound energy expressed by its youth. The Gqom community evoke a tight-knit brotherhood and exude comradery, often displayed at impromptu taxi-rank gatherings where they celebrate via a series of musco-skeletal contortions and hype-infused exaggerations of the human form. Tracks withhold a strong narrative and with a bright timbre, mask any traces of oppression. Gqom has its own language, one of erasing suffering, one of defiance and one of projecting a brighter future.