Occupying the disparate 'no-man’s land' between murky, atmospheric techno and experimental bass-laden electronica, Osiris protagonist Killawatt provides a no-nonsense and increasingly forensic attitude towards exploratory production. Rugged syncopations built through enduring lamentation over macro-level granular synthesis are favoured, reinforced with lacerating modular drum patterns amidst amplified hiss and crackle. Drums appear constrained from locking into place, a signature dynamism demonstrated through recent material including “Contort” & “Émigré”. Stumbling percussion and clouds of texture are sculpted into head-nodding loops, with generous applications of sub-bass holding momentum. Killawatt provides cinematic immersion through layered carpets of hiss, a soup of mewling feedback and a distorted ability in preventing the most discerning of listener from getting too comfortable. The transition from dank half step to a kinetic techno mutation compatible with everyone from Shackleton to Shifted is now complete. An academic approach coalesces a mongrel helix of industrial techno, hypnotic ambient constructions and cerebrally probing tribalism evident in recent abstractions like “Poppin' Veins” and “Blackhole Flamenco”.