Jacob Martin (Hodge) has secured a unique seat for himself in the UK’s prestigious new school for his innate ability to galvanise a fine blend of low slung Bristolian grime and dub with rasping textures infused with the soul of Berlin. Exhuding an enigmatic almost cavalier spirit Jake has a considered thirst for inspiration and foundational knowledge cultivated from literature, the natural environment and an exhuberating tour schedule. Its difficult not to be attracted to his turbulent yet endearing nature which is no doubt the key catalyst for an overwhelming press following inc Crack Magazine, Dummy and The Quietus. Hodge’s refreshing levels of unbounded enthusiasm are reflected in his compositions which have been secured by the likes of Livity Sound, Hotline, Berceuse Heroique and Hemlock. A firm fan of all things cinematic Hodge’s rugged syncopations and haunting melodic transcriptions sit on the dystopian edge of the soundscape domain; they have clearly captivated Hugo Boss and are unequivocally proving to be a vital resource for the synchronisation set.