In a positive move to capture and amplify Fabrics' success to date, Houndstooth selects an admirable and intelligent trajectory. Not constrained by the dancefloor, the label stylistically deviates from any formulaic 4/4 memorandum and surpasses all previous expectations affiliated with the stalwart of the London night time economy. Agreed Akkord’s fractured and austere manipulations have moved the very foundations of Room 2 on occasion, but the labels inner fibres are configured through lamentation to produce highlights such as the shamanic rousings of Aïsha Devi, Snow Ghosts’ sultry electronica and Special Requests' Jungle based disaggregations. Its audible from the outset that a forensic approach is to blame for Rob Booth's effective positioning of the label with emergent artists. Houndstooth, born in February 2013, prides itself on being an artist-led label and is steered by Rob Booth and Rob Butterworth.  The label has received significant sync interest including the recent placement of Snow Ghosts "The Hunted" on X-Men: Apocalypse.