Joe Farr

Joe Farr is a Bristol-based producer making waves for his intense and irregular approach to electronic music, and that open-minded attitude is felt throughout Farr’s emotionally diverse yet sonically cohesive catalogue. Early releases on Tiga’s Turbo label showcased a knack for melody within techno structures, while Farr also found favour unleashing blown-out sonic transmissions via the likes of Power Vacuum and DSNT. In 2014, Farr co-founded the Onnset label, which released his own Position EP highlighting Farr’s ear-to-the-ground when it comes to supporting rising talent. The 2015 Longanimity EP on Berghain stalwarts Leisure System continued Farr’s drift towards streamlined brutality, leveraging intense drum programming with crystalline bursts of colour. Since then, Farr has become an unofficial member of the Leisure System family, playing events in Berlin and London as well as releasing the Spectate EP in May 2016, another tactile and punishing contribution. Also in 2016, Farr made a strong statement with his debut LP Sense of Purpose via the esteemed Bloc Records, combining leftfield UK techno, breakbeats, acid and IDM to stunning effect and critical acclaim. Overall, Farr is widely regarded as a skilled electronic music craftsman, in five short years he’s built an impressive and addictive body of work that has secured him a reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative and inspiring talent, equally adept at ferocious hardware sets and eclectic cinematic productions.