Power Vacuum

Galloping acid/hybrid imprint Power Vacuum was launched by Chrome Hoof co-founder Milo Smee in 2012, and whilst inspired by the bastard hardcore of Smee’s early 90’s hysteria, has been a vital cog in the resurgence of gnarled, modular based techno. Motivated by an internal animosity towards the industry’s smoke-blowers, Smee has emphatically stumbled upon a successful formula that remains undeterred and wonderfully enthusiastic, cleary aimed at fans of the irregular, who frolic in high intensity weirdness delivered by the likes of Mark Broom, EDMX, An-i, Objekt and Bintus. PV's growing stature and discography evidences complex inner motivations that surpass a desire for new music, this acid-fuelled joker has a clear penchant for a comical presence, the boisterous pixellated logo and rough-luxe artwork hint at the inner workings of a twisted and protagonistic label head, yet the delivery reveals a premeditated intelligence or blueprint that only a specific visionist could deliver.