For the un-initiated, Firecracker Recordings is one of the most respected and sought after ‘boutique’ UK record labels. When the debut Firecracker 10" records first appeared everyone knew something special was in the air and now, nearly 12 years later, the label still remains as feverishly adored as it ever was. Autonomously operated since 2004 in Edinburgh, Scotland by Lindsay Todd (who runs the screen print studio and produces music and artworks as ‘House Of Traps’), Firecracker specialises in limited vinyl runs with bespoke artwork and full creative vision in mind. Along with sister label Unthank, Firecracker deals in oddball house, fried techno-dreams, whiskey-soaked analogue electronics and new age reverie. The past few years have seen some special album projects arrive courtesy of the label, be it a sizeable rifle through the archives of Ukranian outsider Vakula, a long-overdue second long-player from Linkwood or the rich synth meanderings of Italian artist Panoram. We should also add the Scottish Highlands-inspired Mac-talla Nan Creag compilation and the wholly unclassifiable Franco-American experimental collaboration Les Graciés to this compact but storied list of album-length excursions.