Infinite Machine

Infinite Machine has matured from its 2011 inception into a renowned juggernaut of post-apocalyptic fractured sound. Achieved by absorbing, curating and providing a pedestal for purveyors of intelligently made electronic music. The ballast of the labels staggering output occupies an uneasy caustic area between scuzz-infused punk and the danker corridors of techno. Taking a decisive stance as far as roster is concerned, none of the artists here share geographic location, genre or aesthetic, providing for an acoustic melting pot with a mercurial pulse. This dense soup of curatorial genius is coloured through the hyper-kinetic percussions of WOLF & Liar, Tomas Urquieta’s widescreen extra-dimensional sound design, the decaying spine-tingling sounds of B.YHZZ (as favoured by A24 Films) and through the guttural rousings of Aphix to name only a few. Independently operated by Charlie Juarez, the label continues to move forward with a no-boundary philisophy to noise experimentation.