Citing scholarly influences from Roy Ayers through to Karlheinz Stockhausen, Paleman (Calum Lee) has an irrevocable thirst for all things academia and if its infused with off-kilter jazz motifs then all the better, this educational hunger manifests in an innate knack for percussive, minimal, bass-driven melodica and creation of abstract structures that test established boundaries. Having now graduated from Chethams in classical music and jazz aswell as composition and arrangement, his jazz drumming skills and left-of-centre influences take note from all four corners of the musical sphere; and are underpinned with parallel studies of the natural world, cinema and english literature. With multiple releases on Loefah’s esteemed underground Swamp 81 label, a release on his own imprint PLMN, collaborations with UK Mercury Prize jazz nominees Polar Bear and a monthly show on Rinse FM showcasing his unique musical explorations, Paleman seems to be on the right trajectory for establishing foundations within a more cinematic environment.