Graded 03 : Chevel by Gavin Mee

Citing influences ranging from Zimmer thru Sakamoto, we checked in with Berlin’s own “Weightless” troubadour Chevel (a pioneer of futurism and intricately programmed sound-design himself) to understand the OST’s, and cinematic scores that have both moved and manipulated his career to date.

Graded 02 : Hodge by Gavin Mee

Navigating the exhuberant tour schedule and distinct aversion to self-gratification we sat down with Bristol based producer and sound engineer Hodge to extract a chronicle of soundtracks and film scores that have helped influence his career to date, notably his recent trailer for Korean cult film "Believer".

Graded 01: Paleman by Gavin Mee

Despite the recent move to the capital and exhaustive academic schedule we managed to catch up with Manchester-born producer, jazz practitioner and sound engineer Paleman to elicit a compendium of cinematic compositions and filmic scores that have inspired and continue to challenge his practice.